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Why MedPace? Why do you want to be a CRA? What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness? Lots of behavioral questions.

Give me your cases: describe a PD happened at your site, what did you do? how did you handle tough investigators at your site? If there is a PD, but your investigator cannot tell it from their regular practice, how do you explain it with he/she? if there's a 'red-flagged' investigator, what will you do?

Tell me time when you did not meet a deadline and how did you handle the situation?

What would you do if a site has an emergency and has to limit your time on site to two hours instead of 6 hours?

What Would Other Employees Say Is the Best Part About Working Here

Name a difficult situation either with a manager, site or sponsor. Elaborate on what made the situation difficult and how you handled it. They also asked about a time I perhaps mishandled a situation and what I would change about that moving forward.

What's your biggest accomplishment?

What do you understand about ALCOA? Why Medpace? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is a CRA? What are your salary expectations?

Explain GCP. What makes you a strong CRA? Explain what you would do at a interim monitoring visit.

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