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Why Alcon, why should we hire you

Share your experience when you had a hard time conveying your idea to others and how did you overcome.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What is a typical day as a monitor like for you

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The most difficult is that the managers expect you to be able to come onsite for several rounds of interviews on a moments' notice. A few days' notice should be required, especially if you are currently working.

All of the questions were behavioral based.

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What's your biggest accomplishment? What do you think the role of the CRA is? What was your cumulative GPA in college?

Typical questions- some behavioral, some scenario, and some technical questions.

The questions were not difficult at all. They ask questions to get to know your personality, how you work with others, and then they'll ask a little bit about what you know of the industry and try to get a feel if you have the knowledge to perform the job in which you are interviewing for.

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