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If you have worked in the field, none of the questions should come across as difficult. All common knowledge in the Clinical Research world.

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This was not at all helpful. Of course all questions are common knowledge to those who are already in the field. Why bother posting this?

If you are interviewing for a CRA II position then you are expected to have 3-5 yrs of monitoring experience. Read the description of the interview process for more "help"; better idea, interview for a job that you are qualified for.

I second the first person. No company hires people who are educated bachelors/masters without experience. you need to work to get experience.

Can you do other duties other than those of a CRA?

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If I sent you three excel files for all of your sites, 1 with all the Adverse Events, 1 with all of the Medical Histories, and 1 with the Concomitant Medications for the subjects at all your sites - what would you do with the data?

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They sent me a laundry list of questions to answer and send back.

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Can you tell me a time when you did not meet a deadline and why and what could you have done differently to meet the deadline?

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what is the most important ghp document in your opinion?

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what's in form 1152, what i did as a CRA and such. what system i use for EDC.

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Interview(s) were not difficult and did not drag out.

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What are your work goals?

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This was not a behavioral interview which was surprising as this is the trend in biopharm. However, this was also only my second interview in 11 years. As mentioned, it was quite casual which gave me the impression of a more casual work environment which was what I was seeking.

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