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R.R. Donnelley
Creative Services Project Manager - In-Store Marketing was asked...August 17, 2017

Are you still interested in the job?

3 Answers



I am still keen on pursuing this opportunity. I would like to have an opportunity to discuss and wow. Less


tell me about a bad experience with a client

2 Answers

It was difficult?

Could you please be more specific about the 2nd step? It would be very helpful


Describe an interesting problem and how you solved it.

2 Answers

I worked in a legal office and noticed that there was an opportunity to protect customer privacy. I brought up the exact issue to the team in a meeting and worked on reminding and implementing until it was a regular practice. Less

Hi, as an Apple employee, I have collected Apple interview questions, based on my and my colleagues' recent experiences, and provided our insights/answers that got us in Apple. I got great feedback from candidates applying for many roles including product / program / project management and design / sales. You can find it here: (please do not forget to also look at the reviews at the bottom of that page). Thanks and good luck! Less


Can you tell me your desired salary? Do you have a range in mind?

1 Answers

Under California legislation, employers must provide "applicants" with the "pay scale" for a position upon "reasonable request." An applicant is considered someone who has already had at least one interview for the role. Applicants don't have to disclose salary history or desired range. However if the applicant asks for the pay scale, the employer must disclose. Less

New World Group

Tell us about yourself please

1 Answers

I told them about myself and my experience


First question was along the lines of "what made you want to apply?". From there it was just an open conversation about the job, the company, and what I was like

1 Answers

I told them that I love that ZAGG is a big company, close to my house, but mostly I loved that they had 41 points of job requirements and that the 42nd was "plus other duties as required. I let them know that I loved that they were so direct and had thought out everything about the position and that nothing would be a surprise. I also said that I liked that because I hoped it scared off anyone else who might be applying. Less

doodleblue Innovations

There were no technical questions the seemed un intersted in my profile form the first and seemed lethargic, frankly was annoyed with the way the interviewer questioned my credebility for the role and was asked silly questions which i found to be immature and beneath my intellect. And there were no questions asked about project management even theory wise

1 Answers

Asked me 5 reasons why i should not consider my profile ......gave them two reasons which i thought was a probable cause avoided giving them a platitude of smart replies like you would not give the job if i was not hardworking etc...wish i asked them 5 reasons to reject this offer as counter query. Less


How do you forecast projects with greater accuracy?

1 Answers

Presented this in a case study to drill down to specific tactics.

Publicis Groupe

My previous experience

1 Answers

Honestly and Confidently


What is one of your favorite brands and why?

1 Answers

-Brand similar to Everlane and because of transparency

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