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I was asked if I had any problem working for a woman controller who likes to micromanage a department the way she sees fit?

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They told me that it was not an 8 to 5 job and asked me if I was willing to work more than 40 hours a week and if not this wasn't the job for me. the controller told me we normally work 40 to 60 hours a week and then some and then during inventory time we come in on weekends on our own time I didn't like that but she said once you become a manager you're ours

I recently have left HUB. As a former employee all I can add to this as a warning is that the finances at HUB are a total mess. We have clients that have not paid invoices in years, raises going to department managers and leaders that dont deserve a dime. Anyone considering working their STAY AWAY!!! The head of the accounting department is a forceful and cruel manager.

I heard the last credit and collection manager that was there had a heart attack from dealing with that controller that's there he told me they got rid of him because he refused to learn some sort of stupid reports but he did a damn good job I heard the company is on the verge of being bought out. Do not go there

what is your management style

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Do you like long hours?

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more interested in how soon I could start..never questioned me on my skills or specific tasks. The HR person on the onboarding was great..very professional and thorough.. I have nothing more positive to write

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Where I wanted to be in 5 years within the organziation. Not knowing enough about the organization it was challenging as to what to say in regards to my future.

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If they could speak with a former employer the president of the firm knew

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Could I work in a fast paced environment

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How many years in credit management experience I have and if I had been employed with the company or its affiliates .

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Are you opposed to working overtime?

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Would you describe yourself as a leader, a follower, or in between?

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