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What i know about the company

2 Answers

Responded with info obtained via Google

Anyone can share Union Bank interview questions? I'll pay $20 bounties for the interview information on Rooftop Slushie.

My opinion on a specific Borrower of theirs that I had had experience with at my prior firm.

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Nothing difficult in the questioning, but the unexpected question was how will hiring you affect my interaction with your former employer.

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Why Bank Leumi?

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Most questions focused on my experience or Situational interview questions. I was asked a couple of odd questions, which I found difficult such as "tell us a joke". It is hard to tell a funny joke to 6 strangers that would not offend any of them.

More about finance

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After at least nine different phone and in-person discussions, I'm not sure that there was anything left undiscussed (other than compensation). They were quality questions from experienced bankers. Nothing was surprising or unexpected.

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Please communicate how you would underwrite a deal through completion.

Most difficult piece of all was not being asked any technical questions.

Experience with rel estate loans and how large. How do you deal with problem loans. Have you done commercial lending.

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