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Tell me about an experience where you had to change a traditional process

My opinion on a specific Borrower of theirs that I had had experience with at my prior firm.

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Most difficult piece of all was not being asked any technical questions.

What would you do if you have 1 million ping pong balls?

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Most questions focused on my experience or Situational interview questions. I was asked a couple of odd questions, which I found difficult such as "tell us a joke". It is hard to tell a funny joke to 6 strangers that would not offend any of them.

A lot of questions were targeted at finding out what the processes are at my current institution and how they compare to DB. They did not focus that much at whether I know how to do the job. They focused a lot on my current job, even though the one that I had prior to that for many years was much more relevant to the position. I think I got penalized for this as well as for the fact that I can still do the work which DB allocates to junior people (I always worked for institutions that are run lean, so work with little support, hence know how to do a lot of analytical things that mid- to senior people do not do at DB). On the other hand, it seems that at DB credit professionals do a lot of backoffice type of work, which are handled by a separate team at my current employer. Also, some of the questions are designed to be stressful, but really amused me. Such as "why have you been a VP for such a long time". I am older than most of the people that interviewed me and don't care about this crap anymore, but 10 years ago I did. Now I realize that I should have spent my energy on something else that matters in life, and am amused that other people still care.

More about finance

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We just went over my resume and experience. No formal questions were asked

After at least nine different phone and in-person discussions, I'm not sure that there was anything left undiscussed (other than compensation). They were quality questions from experienced bankers. Nothing was surprising or unexpected.

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