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Bottom Line Systems Interviews in Crescent Springs /  HQ: Crescent Springs

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The Home Depot Interviews in Crescent Springs /  HQ: Atlanta, GA

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Whelan Security Interviews in Crescent Springs /  HQ: Saint Louis, MO

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Interview Questions in Crescent Springs

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They ask what hours you want to work, what times & then give you the exact opposite & think they're doing a favor for you.

1 Answer

I should've told them the exact opposite so I'd get what I wanted but I was being honest & didn't know I needed to be as tricky as them.

Laughable. They ask barely nothing. They only want bodies. All they want to know is if you have reliable transportation & have a high school degree or GED & then you have to dig that out & show them like you're lying! Probably because they don't trust anyone because they're liars & lie all the time.

1 Answer

What size uniform do you wear?

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here? Why would you make a good fit for this position? Weakesses?

How do I handle criticism? Name a weakness at my last job? Explain a time when I had a dispute with a coworker and how did I handle it?

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