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CRM was asked...December 5, 2018

Why do you want this positioin

7 Answers

Or I love this company, and the products, and I can see myself growing in this company Less

I’ve been working also using this product for a long time , I always wanted to work for this company and I see myself in 5 years be very successful and growing in this company Less

Why we should hire you

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WIKA Instrument

How familiar you are with excel?

2 Answers

Very, have used it for years, creating spreadsheets, formulas, and importing/exporting. Less

Would you be willing to train a class and explain to them how to do something?

what u want to change ,if you are in this position

2 Answers

sales associate's behavior towards customer special card for students


CRM was asked...January 4, 2019

If the time is 3:15 what is the measure of the angle of the hands on the clock?

2 Answers

0 degrees but I was incorrect

It’s 7.5 degrees, the hour hand would be 1/4 of the way to 4 and the minute hand on 3 Less


When is your next availability to come onsite?

2 Answers

Their recruit team is sucks and unprofessional to a candidate and a company like this should be more professional than what you think i do think someone is due there job like professional manner. Less

The following week.

Renovate America
CRM Analyst was asked...September 3, 2015

How much Salary You making? Will you join us if we give you same salary what you getting currently

1 Answers



Au téléphone on m'avait dit qu'il y aurai un test de gestion de projet de 20mins. Une fois dans la salle d'entretien, c'était un test de logique, rien à voir.

2 Answers

Bonjour, Lorsque vous avez postulé vous aviez reçu un premier mail vous expliquant le processus de recrutement et que si vous n'aviez pas de réponse sous 2 semaines cela signifiait que votre candidature n'était pas retenue. Sur la question des tests, il y en a deux. Un premier de logique (15 minutes) et un second (45 minutes) que nous faisons faire si le premier test et l'entretien sont concluants. Cela n'a pas été à priori votre cas et j'en suis désolé. Je suppose que depuis vous avez trouvé un poste sinon recontactez-moi, nous avons peut-être d'autres postes qui peuvent mieux vous correspondre. Less

Je confirme , l'entretien se déroule une heure plus tard avec le directeur de RH,la personne arrive enfin sans s'excuser et pose des questions pour se répondre lui même, sans laisser la parole au candidat. Je vous conseille monsieur le directeur RH de vous chercher vous même un poste qui puisse mieux vous correspondre. Less

Turkish Airlines

You are a computer engineer , you worked as a programmer , what would you do about this CRM position to be succesfull?

2 Answers

I hoping that add an experienced client success manager and proven success supporting an installed base of clients. As a CRM you will maintain post sales contact with aasigned client base in order to facilitate a positive and productive long term relationship and ensure consumer loyalty Less

I answered " Technology is fastly growing day by day , and while technology will be in your job , we will be in your job too. We are talented about technology and using technology is easy for us more than other departments." Less

BlueLink International

Why did you apply

2 Answers

I wanted to improve the use of my languages

excuse me, I'm an applicant for the position of italian speaker customer service, may i ask you a question? The first short chat is in english, it's true?They want a good english? Thank you... Less

Oasis Resource Management Pvt .
CRM was asked...March 14, 2017

Where are you from?

1 Answers

Well i am from delhi.. but i m very adaptive to new places.. i am from where i am Less

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