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Cryptographic Services Engineer was asked...July 20, 2021

What are the steps to implementing an RSA Cryptosystem

1 Answers

1. generate large numbers p and q (was asked how many bytes large these were: 1000) 2. calculate number n such that n=p*q (was asked how many bytes n must be if p and q are both 1000 bytes, this is where I got the answer wrong and the interviewer proceeded to ask the same thing multiple times and tone shifted to condescending) 3. generate public and private exponents e and d (asked how to get e and d: e can be anything, d is calculated with the phi function also called eulers totient function, then asked how to calculate the phi function) 4. create public and private keys (n,e) and (n,d) Then asked how to encrypt and decrypt using those keys Less

National Security Agency

Do you like working on defensive operations rather than offensive.

1 Answers

Yes, it did not matter to me.


What is the definition of a group in group theory

1 Answers

A group is a collection of numbers that satisfy a distinguishable rule. With the definition of groups, there also has to be a fulfillment of a set of axioms such as commutativity, holds an identity value, etc. Less


What is a hash function

1 Answers

An irreversible mapping function


They ask me mostly about thesis work and past projects.


Do you have a deep understanding of algebraic geometry?


What is commutativity (in math)


Do you know what Cloudflare does?

UL Solutions

They asked basic cryptography understandings, mathematical background of them and knowledge&experience about their job description.

Zoom Video Communications

The coding assignment was to design a program that sorts teams for a coding competition

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