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Why did you want to work at Lowes?

1 Answer

Because lowes provides endless opportunities and there is a lot to learn along with a nice friendly environment.

Tell me a time when you have a disgruntle customer who purchase a product that was advertise on the store website but not available in store. How would you handle a question about a product that you have no idea about

1 Answer

Name a time when you had to remember a lot of details to perform a task. How did you handle it?

1 Answer

What three things make a great retail environment?

1 Answer

Name a time where you were pressured to do something either a school or work experience

Name a time where you went above and beyond your work area

how do you go out if your way to help customers have the best experience

1 Answer

Everything was predictable. Tell me a time when.....

Name a time when you had an unpleasant customer.

Describe a situation when you worked to identify the needs of a customer or co-worker.

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