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How would you deal with a task that you have no clue how to do and no one is available to help you?

3 Answers

Look it up online, do the outline and wait for confirmation.

will quest for the availabiltiy and accessibilty of sources pervading out there in absence of a being to help you with ...!!

First of all,i will concentrate n make myself confident for the task,that i can do it surely within a nick of time n in a better & superior way.Then i will analyse it & try to figure out it on a chart(like a planning) n then show it to the senior person.I definitely know that he would like it.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you want to work for Uline?

1 Answer

How do you deal with difficult customers?

1 Answer

What three things make a great retail environment?

1 Answer

HR plays favorites. Poor leadership. Hires from in store on the buddy system which means if your buddies with management you can come in late, miss days, disappear at work and in general be awful employee. If some one speaks up about the individuals poor work or work habits they are more out or a reason is found to negative document them and terminate. If you want to get hire just take the position that the customer always comes first.

1 Answer

Name a time when you had to remember a lot of details to perform a task. How did you handle it?

1 Answer

How to handle an argumentative customer.

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What is your greatest weakness?

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How many major airport codes could I identify.

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Where did you work previously?

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