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Logic Question: I have just placed an item into one of three boxes: a gold box, a silver box and a lead box. Each box has an inscription. Only one of the inscriptions is true. The inscriptions are: Gold box: The item is not in the silver box. Silver box: The item is not in this box. Lead box: The item is in this box. Which box has the item?

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The silver one correct?

It is in the gold box, otherwise all the statements are false.

It has to be in the silver box. Gold Box: This is the true statement. It's in the silver box. Silver: False statement Lead: False statement Took me awhile to think about it. I wonder how long you have on the questions.

During the phone screening, I was asked to explain how I would teach the concept of inverse functions.

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How would you handle sensitive topics such as slavery?

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Can you tell me more about your teaching experience?

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How do you handle your plans for the day having to change in response to something that comes up?

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Asked me about all my teaching experience then asked specific questions about how I would scaffold questions to assess a specifically objective.

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What would you change about the website?

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Specialties in curriculum, work history, riddle

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"How would you approach solving this problem of design in our program?"

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What is your salary range?

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