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University of South Florida
Custodial Worker was asked...May 18, 2017

Do you have any experience doing custodial work?

3 Answers

No, but I figure that it's not much of a difference from cleaning at home.

Yes I have many years in cleaning commercial business


Georgia Southern University
Custodial was asked...December 15, 2017

Can you stand and walk for hours

2 Answers



Disney Parks

do you have any tattoos or piercings

2 Answers

for the tattoos try to give me the length and width so they can get a idea

I have the word Continue tattooed on the inside of my right wrist. Its less then 2inches wide and 1inch tall. It can be covered very easy, will this matter? Less

Santa Monica  College
Custodial was asked...August 21, 2017

Do you work well with others?

1 Answers


Universal Studios

why do i want to work for universal

1 Answers

because its something i wanted to so for a while

K-State Athletics

What kind of work ethic I had

4 Answers

I will work hard to make sure that everything is clean

I work like it is my own business

I need to show u how I work cause if there a problem that is my problem

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Boyd Gaming

To tell a little about myself.

1 Answers

A brief work history.

Foundation Academies

All sorts of questions regarding sanitation and cleaning of buildings

1 Answers

I went through the correct steps In order to properly maintain the situation.

Disney College Program

Why did I want to be apart of the Disney College Program?

1 Answers

I just told them how much the Walt Disney Company meant to me growing up and how I wanted to be apart of it. Less

AOC (Architect of the Capitol)

If i asked to clean you this entire room, where would you start and how would you clean it?

1 Answers

i would start by pulling the trash, dust an polish furniture then starting at the back of the room an vacuum my way out the door if door was locked relock an move to the next room Less

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