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How would you handle an active shooter situation?

2 Answers

The same way I handled it when I experienced it before.

You got to take him out.

If I had any military experience

1 Answer

As my resume, application, and DD-214 did most of my talking for me before the interview, I was asked about my previous site security related experience in the service.

1 Answer

Have you had previous security experience

1 Answer

Were you in the armed forces?

1 Answer

Are you able to work second shift: 3pm-11

1 Answer

Describe your experiences in dealing with hostile and aggressive people.

1 Answer

Know yourself and be able to list why you would make a good security officer. How would your friends describe you. What is one of your weaknesses. Working with all types of people one needs to know how to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. One must remember you are representing your employer. The contract you are assigned to has rules and regulations as well that has to be adhered to. It is not always what you personally would do in a situation, but what does the contract call for.

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Do you want a good paying job?

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