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What was unexpected was how desperate the VP's of Operations were to get a customer care manager who would help them grow their sales.

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It was clear that a major portion of their revenue was generated within the call center and that they had never had the support they needed from senior leadership to use this department effectively to grow the bottom line. I spent most of the time reassuring them that they would be my internal customers and that I would focus on helping them succeed.

What was unexpected was how little the Director of Customer Care knew about call centers and customer service.

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Do I have kids? Not sure why I was asked that.

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The questions were not difficult if you have project management background - but when they asked what I was looking to make, we had an immediate miss-match.

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What can you provide for the company?

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I was shown a report with very rudimentary data. I was shocked at how poor their metrics were. When asked what I thought about it, I had difficulty trying to find anything positive to say.

What business process do you use to make decisions?

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How do you build trust with your team and peers? How do you handle difficult conversations? What is your coaching and follow up style? What are you opportunities? What is your experience with WFM, Chat channels, attrition, retention, etc.

What is important to you about company culture?

How to you manage a high performer on your current team? How do you manage a low performer on your current team?

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