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American Express
Homebased Customer Care Professional was asked...April 15, 2013

Name a time when you had to tailor a solution for a customer, because your company's current products and services couldn't help them?

4 Answers

Thank you for your information. It was one of the best I have read and I know Amex interview questions are tough at times. (former employee). Less

Thank you for sharing your interview process. It is extremely helpful. I have an interview with Clarissa this afternoon, and honestly didn't even know what the STAR method was until today. I get so nervous during the interview process that I can't really focus on the questions as they come, but this will allow me to have an idea of what will be asked and the best method to answer. Thank You. Less

My girlfriend has her final interview tomorrow. What advice can you give? Can pay be negotiated especially with a good degree? Less

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American Express

Which blue box value relates to you and why?

3 Answers

Customer commitment

Its Bigger on the Inside !!!

How was the assessment?

American Express

Why would you be a good fit for American Express.

3 Answers

Many times customers are unable to sort through or understand the fine print in an agreement or contract. I will be able to provide the patience and creditable references that will offer positive solutions to a particular need, or problem for a customer. Less

Yes I am very good at sorting through problems and situations. I provide a great amount of patience and creditable references in positive solutions. Less

I am able to sort through problems/ situations and offer positive or productive solutions. Less

American Express

Why do you want to work with Amex?

3 Answers

Quality company

I have worked for Amex with membership reward and I like it. I got real sick and had to leave the job. Less

Very diverse culture, encouraging and promotes teamwork.

American Express

Why do you want to work for American Express

2 Answers

passion to work for American Express


American Express

They asked us to describe what extraordinary customer service meant to us

2 Answers

Extraordinary customer servixe is going above and beyond for each customer, putting yourself in that person's shoes, being empathetic, and never carrying over negative experiences to the next customer. Less

How long does it take for the HR to get back to you with an offer after the final interview? Less

American Express

Name a time you had to solve a problem, you didn't know the answer to, without the help of a supervisor or coworker.

2 Answers

When I was given my first Substitute Teacher position I was somewhat fearful. I reached deep into my mind trying to recall every example and lecture that I thought would be applicable to establishing a learning environment. The first day went well, by the end of the week I felt the students respected me in my teaching methods as well as an individual. At the end of the week I was very proud of myself as well as the confidence which I had gained. Less

This was the most difficult question for me, because I've never had too many ( if any) situations at work where there wasn't a supervisor or coworker to ask. Especially with my experience being in call centers. So I just highlighted a time i daughter the answer to a problem I didn't know the answer to without seeking someone else and found the answer on my own. Less

American Express

What difficult task did u do and how u addressed them?

2 Answers

Did you get the job?

Did you get the job

American Express

If you were the customer service rep how would you do to calm a frustrated customer

2 Answers

Do you remember some of the question they asked during the iv session via phone and face to face? Im currently appling for the position you landed? hope its help..thank you Less

First of all apologize and calm down customers first. Secondly provide the customer a solution and advise will update within a timeframe. Thirdly reassure customer and provide some goodwill Less

American Express

What technical issues have you encountered and how did you resolve it?

2 Answers

Working with web-based informational technology can be overwhelming if the Internet or my computer is not in sync or linked. It is advantageous to have an IT service provider that can be generated if problems arise during the interim of a work period that will identify and resolve any and all issues. Less

In my experiences of when there were technical difficulties, IT services were acquired or used to solve any and all issues encountered that did not affect the on-going work progress. Less

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