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One question in particular that I remember centered on why I wanted to leave the position I was in at the time. The question wasn't challenging per sé; it was simply something I hadn't really thought about, other than the standard needs, such as more challenges, different culture, and better pay.

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I am specifically looking to work in a different organizational culture, since I have grown extensively since college graduation. I am also looking for a place that fosters intellectual development.

How did I handle a difficult employee.

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Have you ever worked with someone that had different working morals than yours.

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As a manager, how would you provide a solution to your staff on issue?

Describe your previous role and how it can contribute to this company and position. Would the commute be an issue?

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How would you handle learning the basics of the job being that the existing customer care supervisor is leaving the company and you wouldn't be here to shadow her?

Tell me about a time when you helped resolve a particularly difficult customer issue. (This is a standard customer service job question)

In vlog, was asked to name three companies that provide great service. It wasn't hard, just unexpected.

what is more important, your fellow team of supervisors or your team of agents?

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