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How do you form positive relationships with developers and/or stakeholders?

1 Answer

Be on their side. Show them that rather than being interference in a relationship, that you can serve as an interlocutor. Bring evidence.

Who determines user standards, you, the company, someone else?

1 Answer

My exercise was to redesign the Netflix homepage for desktop. The Global VP of Design at Spotify happens to be Rochelle King, formerly of Netflix. I thought that was clever.

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How do you deal with a group of twelve or more people who all have a different opinion about what looks good and what doesn't

1 Answer

Describe what is your favorite object, explain why, and it cannot be an Apple product.

1 Answer

How would you handle the hypothetical situation where one or more designers try to dominate the conversation and do not seem to be listening to other members of the team?

1 Answer

How do you decide which features to drive UX design for a specific release?

1 Answer

Question from director: "... four people need to cross a bridge at night, there is only one flash light and only one person can walk on the bridge at a time. How do would you get them all across the bridge?"

9 Answers

What does connect mean to you?

5 Answers

Someone on the team has a strong opinion about how a certain feature should be designed, but you disagree that it is a good user experience. How do you approach the situation?

2 Answers
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