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What's your favorite tree?

4 Answers

Willow Tree

C'mon. It's got to be the "Ticket Oak" right?

The Ash tree of course

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They asked to complete a data case study.

2 Answers

Behavioral interview, case interview (structured and unstructured)

2 Answers

What fuels your competitive drive?

1 Answer

What is something that frustrated you?

2 Answers

Describe your experience with marketing automation.

1 Answer

How do you handle an upset client?

1 Answer

Nothing. The head of the recruiting firm said he could size people up in 30 seconds and did not need to ask anything. The only thing he could have seen was my age; of course, he might not have liked navy blue suits.

1 Answer

They asked a lot of A/B testing case questions, since that's what they mostly deal with in their business on a regular basis. They showed me graphs of testing cases and I asked what I would recommend to the client based on this.

1 Answer

Why are you interested in working for Johnson & Johnson

1 Answer
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