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Customer Service Representative was asked...February 8, 2015

How would you respond to a customer that is complaining they have a hole in a product they just purchased?

10 Answers

Respond to the customer by apologizing for their inconvenience and let them know you will do everything in your power to rectify the situation. Never promise money or product as a solution until it is fact. Less

Apologize for the damaged item and explain what you can do to replace the. Item

Apologies For the damaged item and explain what you can do to replace the item

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How would you deal with screaming customers or stressful environments?

9 Answers

Let them vent. You have to understand the customer from their point of view. Sometimes you have to put yourself in their place. Make sure you reassure the customer the issue will be resolved. I may take sometime but their is always a resolution for a problem. Must have confidence. Because if the customer doesn’t feel you’re confident then they’ll doubt everything you’re saying. Do literally everything you can and be nice for quality purposes. Less

Real calm hear the customer out. Empathize with and assure you are here to help them Less

Calming voice, listen closely and stay optimistic without being defensive.

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Affiliated Computer Services

What do you consider exceptional customer service?

3 Answers

feedback, listening, patience, allowing a customer to vent before you are able to assist, but without swearing. Less

that was good, but I would ombit the swearing, also your tone of voice, and smile while talking to your customer Less

Give answers that are asked, using good listening skills, help the customer to the best of your ability. Calm the customer by staying calm at all times. Make sure you have answered all concerns the customer hash. Stay calm regardless of how rude the customers get. Ask if there is anything else you can help them with, and hang up if yo u have answered all questions have been answered. You can ask for their contact information too call back in a couple of days to make sure they are still satisfied Less


Describe a sales situation where price seemed to be the primary driver and how you overcame the focus on cost and made it more about 'value.'

2 Answers

I focused on the benefits of the product and the additional service that is provided to support them. While we are large enough to give the bast deal we are also small enough to give great customer service. Less


If I was David's pizza and I wanted to cancel my subscription because it was costing me to much. What would you do ? Goal is to retain the account.

2 Answers

Understand Davids true needs as a customer. Why is he cancelling? What's changed his mind? Has Yelp provided what he truly needs? Most likely he's canceling because he isn't happy with the service or his business is failing. If it's not failing before giving up on retaining the sell follow up with opened ended questions. An then make a strong recommendation for his true needs. Less

Find out as much as possible on the benefits of keeping the account and let the gentlemen know how it effects him and why he should keep it. Less


I was asked how do I deliver a "no" to the customer when they are expecting and demanding a "yes" answer.

2 Answers

I would affirm the client by acknowledging how strong of a desire it is to have that feature. I would propose a brainstorming session to look at how we could meet that need in another way that is viable with the company product or service. With this sort of investigation sometimes you can find out a deeper why of the client and come up with a creative solution. And, sometimes the client is looking for something that is not possible and you then need to do the best you can to explain to them why. If you can, work with your dev and TechTeam to find out if there are other solutions available from other providers that can work alongside your product. Less

I explained I would review all the avenues to get a yes and if the answer had to be "no" then that would be the clear and concise message I would deliver. No blaming, no excused, I would present a supportive and final company decision. Less

How would you sell our value prop?

1 Answers

This is really a solution sales question. The value of Tessco lies in a set of hard skills that create a need-based solution of single sourcing and availability. Less


Tell me what our product does.

1 Answers

AppFolio builds property management software that helps property managers manage their properties. Less


How do you coach and incentivize people with a limited budget to be the very best they can be for themselves and for the company?

1 Answers

It comes down to attitude and using your free resources such as gratitude and a pat on the back for a job well done. Recognizing great performance when it happens in a timely manner and most importantly engaging the employee and making them a part of the solution. People don't like to be talked down to so let them know what is in it for them then coach to that at every opportunity and recognize them again and often - and most importantly MEAN it. Less

Ryder System

Do you have experience with record compliance as it relates to the DOT?

1 Answers

I explained my experience auditing logbooks daily & weekly and described the record keeping system we set up in our office (what our files comprised of). Less

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