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Have I ever worked with SAP before?

7 Answers

No I have not. The business I just came from used their own program Avex and was MS DOS styled, not Access styled like SAP.

Could this be any more set up?!

Hey Anonymous, the only thing set-up about it is your qualifications that got you this job. Now that your laid off your taking to being a Keyboard Warrior.....hmmmmm?

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Can you use a computer

6 Answers

What do you know about Walgreens?

5 Answers

Would you leave after 1 month?

5 Answers

"How did you handle a situation where the customer was upset?"

4 Answers

Why is it important to follow the safety rules at the plant

4 Answers

What type of people do you prefer to work with?

4 Answers

They of course asked what is you're biggest weakness.

4 Answers

Name a time where you had to tell someone something they did not want to hear

4 Answers

We deal with sick people...people that have cancer, moms that have sick kids at home and sick adults in bad moods how would you deal with that?

3 Answers
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