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Customer service manager Interview Questions

"Employers are looking for a customer service manager who has the leadership qualities to motivate their team, but also knows how to provide exceptional customer service. Great communication and people skills are necessary for dealing with customer service representatives, as well as the customers, in all situations. In an interview context, be prepared to role-play scenarios where you have to give someone negative feedback, but also when you receive it as well. Questions encompass how you coach, motivate, and develop a successful sales and customer service team. To leave the best impression, bring a polite and tactful attitude to prove that you are the right fit for the job."

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How would you deal with screaming customers or stressful environments?

7 Answers

Be calm, stay empathetic, do not be defensive.

Hello I would like to know what would be the starting rate out there in Jacksonville, FL for a CSR?

I show this person that we are in the same moods i console him and after cooling him down i divert he or her minds to my business

How would you respond to a customer that is complaining they have a hole in a product they just purchased?

6 Answers

What do you consider exceptional customer service?

3 Answers

Describe a sales situation where price seemed to be the primary driver and how you overcame the focus on cost and made it more about 'value.'

2 Answers

If I was David's pizza and I wanted to cancel my subscription because it was costing me to much. What would you do ? Goal is to retain the account.

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I was asked how do I deliver a "no" to the customer when they are expecting and demanding a "yes" answer.

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How would you sell our value prop?

1 Answer

How do you see your role within an office that is struggling?

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How do you coach and incentivize people with a limited budget to be the very best they can be for themselves and for the company?

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How do you handle a difficult customer situation?

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