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A customer has a website containing information about hotels, their rates, special deals etc. how would you extract info from the website without any programming involved like writing SQL queries, PHP etc.

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I would say use some sort of bot to scrape html but how can we extract anything without "any programming"?

Were there any data-structures/algorithms questions?

I have used YQL (Yahoo Query Language) in the past to extract data from html pages.

Technical Test The goal of this test is to evaluate your ability to build a frontend application displaying an outstanding auto-completion menu. Objective: Build an Algolia-based auto-completion menu for e-commerce Instructions: Download the Bestbuy dataset used by our instant-search demo: data.json Imagine what would be the best auto-completion menu a end-user would have on an E-commerce website (both the UI & the UX matter) Implement a state-of-the art frontend application using at least: a general build system (Grunt, Gulp, ...), a CSS preprocessor (SASS, LESS, PostCSS, ...), and the AlgoliaSearch JS API client v3. Evaluation criteria: search experience: relevance, UI & UX quality of the code index schema Deliverable: create a Github public repository to host the code publish it using GitHub's gh-pages

Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult client?

I talked about several past projects in the 1 on 1 interviews.

What tools could be used to convert ES6 to more compatible Javascript?

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Tell me about a situation where you had to work with a difficult coworker.

How would your perform XYZ in SQL?

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