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Sell me this pen.....

3 Answers

Show value in item. Show customer why they need it/how it will make their life easier. Never call an Black tie protection a warranty.

Absolutely right on selling value. Don't sell what it IS; sell what it MEANS to them. Here's an idea to build on: "Let's think about what you're using this pen for. When you're working on important documents or really any document for that matter, your handwriting describes you and it puts your park on a piece of paper. Using a run-of-the-mill pen, sure, it gets the job done, but compare that to THIS pen. Its gel grip makes it comfortable to hold and the ink flows smoothly, leaving that almost 'shiny' writing. It looks classy and stands out from the writing left by other pens and again, that's a classy reflection of you. It's really your decision; do you want do go with something that makes your work stand out or something that just gets by?" Say that to an interviewer and they'll either laugh at you or say "that was awesome" and hire you. If they happen to give you a crappy pen, then I guess you can just sell it based on how it still works. :-)

Mark* on a piece of paper

Just through a questionnaire. What are my two weaknesses?

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Here is an item. We would like for you to sell it to us.

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What is a problem that you had to overcome and how did you overcome it?

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Do you have any previous sales experience?

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Not a single question asked.

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If a truck was going to be late and they needed it by a certain time would you lie or tell the truth

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None really, it was more about me as a person than my experience, and or, abilities.

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What religion requires a beard? Are you Jewish or Muslim?

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Can I work unsupervised.

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