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During an interview I was asked if one robot was chasing another on a round playing field with a circular hole in the middle and you can fall into the hole or off the edge, what would the algorithm be like to hunt down the other fleeing robot. Granted, had nothing to do with the position or type of coding, but the fact they thought of something interesting to ask out of the box and left it open ended so I could be creative on the spot was much appreached.

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Scan at some pre-determined resolution (say 30x a second), see where robot is, turn in spot, move X distance over whatever time frame at speed but only to boundries. If boundry hit, triangulate route based on boundries and circumvent hole. Loop. Or something similar. Been a while since I thought about it.

Run at twice the speed. Change direction and run in opposite direction till you catch the bugger. run in circle of half the radius and keep increasing the radius so you are right behind the fugitive.

How do you troubleshoot an issue with website not working?

For a Customer Success Engineer, prepare yourself for difficult programming questions.

How do you handle an irate customer based on different scenarios?

Not one specific question, but the homework assignment was particularly challenging.

The questions largely revolved around demonstrating a competency in being able to evaluate and respond to developers with questions or issues using the Trial Version of the Xamarin Mobile platform.

Straightforward questions. nothing unusual. They ask the same questions to everyone to attends the interview.

Given an array of Strings, determine if a string and anagram pair exists.

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previous experience and general questions related to the role.

What troubleshooting steps would you take if a customer says they can't connect with the service?

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