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Associate Customer Success Manager was asked...April 20, 2016

Tell me what our product does.

1 Answers

AppFolio builds property management software that helps property managers manage their properties. Less


Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer and what prompted you to do so?

1 Answers

Provide an example that shows that you really understand the needs (and wants) of your client, and are willing to go beyond just the desires of the company to provide great customer service. Less


How would you change our product?!

1 Answers

Relaunching/repositioning the product with better pricing, packing, etc., after conducting market research, acceptance, views, opinion, etc. Less


What is your spirit animal

7 Answers

Dove: Because they are calm and peaceful & keep their cool (They loved that answer) lol Less

It sure was.

No skills needed. They provide training from top to bottom.

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Street Context

Are you willing to work 7 days a week in some weeks?

5 Answers


Yes sir, I am ready to work 7days every week

I can do 8hours work daily.

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What is your leadership style?

5 Answers

One approach doesn't fit all scenarios, so better you develop wide set of styles as per scenario needs. In other words, be a transformational (aka Agile) leader Less

As a leader, it’s important to be approachable and knowledgeable in your field. Understanding the work and communication styles of your employees is crucial, as you’ll need to assist your employees daily in a manner that is effective and efficient for their own unique learning style. My door is always open for my team members who request guidance, and as an effective leader, I should always be able to provide guidance and feedback that feels understood to them and their needs. Less

It's important to learn the organization's culture and get to know the employees to determine and apply the best approach. Ultimately, we want to take the best of the culture, expand on it, utilizing employees' strengths before making, or suggesting any major changes. Less

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Standard interview questions inline with what you would expect for the CSM role, customer interaction - etc. Logic Test was fairly straight forward, applied mathematics - high school stuff.

4 Answers

Are you native Japanese? or foreigner?may be they hope native japanese speakers. Less

Not Japanese but have lived here for 20 years, so linguistically native. But you are right that CEO locally would seem to prefer Japanese Nationals. This is fine, would have been nice to know earlier. FYI I also had a Japanese test which consisted of translating a Nikkei Shinbun article and commenting which I passed. Less

Hello, The feedback from our Japan CEO for you was indeed that you seemed "laid back", meaning less engaged and driven than he was expecting. This has nothing to do with age or nationality. We are a global company and we hire all nationalities and all ages, as we grow worldwide. Thank you, Less

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There is one light bulb in a dark room, 3 light switches in another room, none of them have windows. You can only enter each room once. How do you find out which switch turns on the light bulb.

3 Answers

For the ant, I'd guess walk to the middle of one of the opposite sides and then to the opposite corner. Both halves of the walk are identical, and it's between the shortest path (walk an edge) and the longest (walk corner-to-corner) for traversing a given face. The math should be easy enough to do to verify. Less

Took me a while - turn on switch 1 for like 2 minutes, this heats up the bulb. Turn it off and turn on switch 2 and go to other room. If light is off and cold, it's switch 3, off and warm, switch one. Nowadays it's possible the heat trick wouldn't work - i.e., an LED might cool off so quickly Less

An ant is sitting on a corner of a cube. What's the shortest path to get to the exact opposite corner of the cube? Less


What am I looking for in a company?

3 Answers

I was looking for growth opportunities, teamwork, and a positive atmosphere.

A small company that is agile and innovative.

A company that is growing based on changes in the industry, forward thinking, and one that invests in its employees. Of course, ethical standards, are a given. Less


How many hours do vehicles drive in NYC on a given day?

3 Answers

70 hours of driving in

70 hours of driving in

Pulled some numbers out of my a**, and subtly tried to convey the irrelevant nature of his question without being rude and dismissive. Less

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