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Question 1: You have a railroad track that run along the equator of the earth. You build a second railroad track exactly one meter above the first track. What is the increase in length?

5 Answers

Pi meters

Well, assuming the equation is 2*pi*(R+1)-2*pi(R), I think the correct answer should be 2*pi

Yeah, it is 2*pi...

Question 3: Write a program in whatever language you like that solves for the factorial of a number.

3 Answers

1. What is DNS?

2 Answers

Recalling OSI model and ACL.

2 Answers

On a clock, if it is 3:15, what is the angle between the minute and hour hand?

3 Answers

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How much experience have I had with the product.

1 Answer

How do you feel about this position that I am offering ? Do you enjoy working with computers ? What type of an education do you have and what college did you go to. If I offer you the job how long do you need in order to start work soon.

1 Answer

Hardware guys asked for example of when I worked with physical devices.

1 Answer

Give us an example of a teaching lesson (10 minutes).

1 Answer

How I would manage a crisis. What project management experience I had.

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