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You’re in a room with three light switches, each of which controls one of three light bulbs in the next room. Your task is to determine which switch controls which bulb. All lights are initially off, and you can't see into one room from the other. You may inspect the room only once. How can you determine which switch is connected to which light bulb?

4 Answers

Call the switches 1, 2 and 3. Leave Switch 1 off. Turn Switch 2 on for five minutes and then turn it off. Turn Switch 3 on. Enter the room. If a bulb is on, it's controlled by Switch 3. Feel the light bulbs for heat. The warm bulb is controlled by Switch 2. The bulb that is off and cold is controlled by Switch 1.



What's the worst hairstyle you've ever had

2 Answers

What is your ideal work environment?

1 Answer

List and explain three strengths and weaknesses

2 Answers

What are your expectations working for First Energy?

1 Answer

Describe how to build a paper airplane to someone in the room (with their back turned to you so they can't see what you are doing).

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answer

If you can’t resolve the matter with the customer what would you do

1 Answer

If Ring was to hire you today would you be able to do the five-week training with out any absence or lateness

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