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What are your experiences in a performance based environment and why you'd be successful in a performance based environment?

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School, college, football, full contact origami, the key here is describe your ability to compete within a team while supporting your team and diminishing your outstanding performance within the team so you don't stand out for being exemplary amongst your bureaucratic boat anchors hiding inside the system.

How do you multitask while handling customers.

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Do you have experience working while sitting for long soul crushing, UTI fostering periods and with scarce or no breaks?

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Online Hirevue test, four scenario telephone inquiries including the credit card holder with a sub 500 FICO and $59,000 annual income short of a limit increase. The unhappy auto policy holder that can be saved by adding a second vehicle and the pay by phone e-check customer with the FirstUnion checking account and the final, suggestive sell

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Explain your last role and what did you do on a day to day basis.

She asked me to give her and example of a time in which I had to multitask to in a position. (not really difficult, but it was the most difficult question she asked of me).

About a time where I didn't agree with management?, why T-mobile?, the mock phone call

If a customer called and demanded a refunded for an over-charge and they owed First Data money, how would you respond.

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