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Cvs pharmacy tech Interview Questions


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Why did you choose pharmacy?

1 Answer

I want to attend pharmacy school after I graduate college and obtain my PharmD degree

How do you manage complicated customer situations?

1 Answer

If a patient is prescribed 24 pills and is supposed to take 1 pill every 6 hours, how many days will this medication last? ( she gave me time and let me use a pen, paper, and calculator if I wanted to)

1 Answer

How do you feel working in a busy environment?

1 Answer

Q: Why do you want to work here? Q: Name a time you had a problem with a customer. Q: What did you do to resolve the problem? Q: Do you feel comfortable telling people no? Q: Do you feel comfortable making "cold calls"?

1 Answer

Do I have pharmacy experience

1 Answer

If I had any previous experience as a tech (I did) so she asked what was the script count for the previous store I worked for. She asked what I was studying in school and my availability. She asked how I'd multitask.

How would you handle a customer who was confused about the medication they were purchasing?

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