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Cyber Threat Management Staff was asked...April 14, 2016

One interesting question they asked was about my take on cyber security and ways to handle it.

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I responded by talking about a 3 step approach to information and cyber security. 1. A tested and comprehensive technology solution 2. Business context and alignment of the technology solution and 3. The support from the human users of the system. I talked about how the human vulnerability is the biggest threat to security and a system is only as secure as the human end point using it. Less

Egress Software Technologies

The questions were predominantly the "who are you," and the, "problem solving" type questions. They were all fairly informal, or should I say, relaxed interviews. The questions I was asked are no longer relevant, as I know the interview has been reviewed.

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Truthfully (qualitative questions) and as open-mindedly as possible for me (quantitative questions). Not helpful, I know, but as I say the questions have been reviewed and changed. Less


what is the cyber kill chain and different attack types. what is the difference between IPS and IDS. what is the difference between encryption and hash

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You can find the answers based on the common interview question for the cyber security analyst based on the Google search Less

Recursion Pharmaceuticals

What's your favorite security tool

1 Answers

RunAppAny (VM threat Sandboxing) - Also this interviewer didn't seem to care how I answered or asked why. Less

BWM Outcomes

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Professionally and personally.

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I'd like to be a Cybersecurity consultant professionally. Personally I'd like to have another child and watch my family grow. Less


Its hard to specify! But I got a very tough question (I guess) regarding malware.

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The answer was, "I am sorry, I don't know about it" And yes... the interviewer was exactly looking for the answer!! The interviewer's goal was to find out that how comfortable I am to say a 'polite no' to a hard question. Coz, they don't expect someone to know every answer. But it must need to be a justified 'tough question'! However, I would say, it really depends on the person who is interviewing you. Less

Security Alliance

Cyber kill chain and threat landscape

1 Answers

Well but could ha e had more knowledge to beef it up.


Typical "How are you?" and "Tell me about yourself" question

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I don't remember my exact answer, but I have learned from interview/hiring professionals to always answer HONESTLY-- not just "i'm ok" or "i'm good thank you, how about you?" Less

IronNet Cybersecurity

draw network diagram on the board


What is the Email Structure format? What botnet does Emotet use? How many C2's are associated with EMotet on average? What C2 algorithm does emotet use? What port does ? What is File magic? What is a signature of a malware file, and how can you see if its valid? CVE vulnerabilities validation question? CTI Life cycle process? Do you believe the NSA Ghidra reverse malware engineering tool had a backdoor? How would you analyze HTTP and HTTPS ?

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