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Questions were basically from my PhD thesis: graphene devices . lithographic fabrication + etching + plasma generation 1.Describe about your research. What kind of photoresist was used? How does dry etching (RIE etch) works.. the setup. Any proble m during research and approach to solve. etcs.

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What is your background

Within how much time did you get your final offer after the on-site interview? Can u pass me that info @ dxd303@psu.edu

Questions I was asked during the onsite interview: 1) Tell me a difficult situations you faced during your research work and how did u solve it. 2) They asked me to name any characterization tool which I had hands on experience during my research work. I told Scanning Electron Microscopy. So, they asked several related question like : What is the working principle of Scanning Electron Microscopy? How electron optics work? What is the function of scan coils in SEM? How electrons can used to make image? Why the interaction volume is pear shaped? What is the relationship of accelerating voltage and interaction volume? When do we need to use low voltage mode and why? How image is magnified in SEM, is it by changing working distance/objective lens strength or something else? 3) My research work was based on thin film deposition and corresponding characterization. So they told me to draw two plots of film thickness versus RPM of spin coater one at the center of wafer and other at the edge. They also asked few more questions on Bragg's law and lattice plane indexing as I did some X-Ray diffraction work. 4) I was asked several times whether I broke and fixed any instruments or not? I was also asked whether I made any experimental set up on my own? I designed a furnace using LabView and some other control systems. I mentioned this. I guess this gave me an edge. 5)They also asked few fundamental questions from Metallurgy (since I got my phd in Metallurgy) like what is crystal? What will happen if two dislocations meet inside the crystal? How will it affect the strength/hardness of the materials? 6) HR questions were not so difficult, like, Have you ever had any conflict with your colleagues or advisor? They were looking for real life examples rather general statements from me.What do you want to improve about yourself? Why Intel? etc. Last of all, I will recommend that problem solving is the key word. Be prepared to demonstrate your problem solving skills as they asked me many a times about my problem solving skills.

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