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Assistant Buyer Interview Questions in Dallas, TX


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questions on critical thinking and problem solving are asked to asses how you can handle multiple tasks and work load stress

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be prepared to give details on how you handle tasks and prioritizing your time and back that with examples

Hello- I have been reading about "in basket" tests...what is this? Thanks!

" basket interview session which is a timed test which you later review your answers and reasoning with a NM executive, group projects, and a drug test"

The questions became more complex as they wanted you to compare percentages (which you must calculate) comparing different stocks and item numbers within a certain month or year all within one question! on average, the questions take approx 2-3 minutes to thoroughly calculate yet they expect you to provide the right answer in 30 SECONDS! insane!

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What types of qualities do you think a buyer needs to have?

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typical questions, what are your strengths/weaknesses?

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What concerns do you have in working with store managers?

No questions were asked which was strange. Instead she said “We want to get a feel blah blah blah so ... go ‘head when you’re ready.” I gave them the run down on my background and then they asked if I had any questions for them. I asked a few questions of course and she asked if I had any further questions (okayyy) I said no but do you have any questions for me? She said no. The whole time I felt like they weren’t at all interested and maybe they had already found a candidate. Either way it was very off putting.

What would you do if you had too much on your plate and didn't know how to get it all done?

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Explain the reasoning behing your sales projections for the case you were given.

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