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Buyer Interview Questions in Dallas, TX

"As a buyer, it's your job to seek out products for your company's use, determine the best deals you can receive, and negotiate with vendors. Employers are looking for applications with strong analytical skills and confident decision-making and negotiating abilities. In an interview, you may be asked to provide examples of a past business negotiation you brokered or a time when you were able to source a product under budget."

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What types of qualities do you think a buyer needs to have?

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Good communication and analytical skills and a sense of urgency. Good knowledge of retail math.

questions on critical thinking and problem solving are asked to asses how you can handle multiple tasks and work load stress

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The questions became more complex as they wanted you to compare percentages (which you must calculate) comparing different stocks and item numbers within a certain month or year all within one question! on average, the questions take approx 2-3 minutes to thoroughly calculate yet they expect you to provide the right answer in 30 SECONDS! insane!

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Most difficult customer you have had. Most difficult Co worker.

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It was not a difficult interview. I was asked why do I want to work for Acuity.

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No questions were asked which was strange. Instead she said “We want to get a feel blah blah blah so ... go ‘head when you’re ready.” I gave them the run down on my background and then they asked if I had any questions for them. I asked a few questions of course and she asked if I had any further questions (okayyy) I said no but do you have any questions for me? She said no. The whole time I felt like they weren’t at all interested and maybe they had already found a candidate. Either way it was very off putting.

What would you do if you had too much on your plate and didn't know how to get it all done?

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What was your annual salary at your previous employer?

What was your annual salary last year?

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