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You are overqualified for your current job because of your education and achievements, why are you employed there?

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I was put off by this question because obviously he hadn't been looking at the economy for the past couple of years, and how hard it is for some people to find a job. Myself included.

Personality questions - how you work with others.

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What are you looking to do 5 years down the road?

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Tell me or your success..when asked if work success or personal...whAtever you want

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If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be? Does that shoe describe your personality?

General How would you handle this situation type questions. Then told to describe my education and how it would apply to position. Though the position was being "developed" and they were not sure how I would be placed.

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They asked me about my motivations. They wanted to see if I was motivated by more than just money, etc. This was a sense of pride and family for them, and they wanted to see if I matched their values.

Behavioral & conventional; rolled into one. Asked about best accomplishments, most difficult obstacles in my career & how I overcame them. Asked about metrics & if I was very proactive about meeting/superseding goals. What's worked best in my recruitment career, why, etc. No "trick" questions - just very similar question I actually ask myself, so - fingers crossed - I'll get a written job offer tomorrow. Oh! And I found out about half of his clinical recruiters are clinicians, same with pharmacy, allied healthcare, travel nursing, and I think they do Icd-10 coders & other stuff like that.

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Why do you want to be a "lifer" at Maxim?

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