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American Airlines Interviews in Dallas

jobs.aa.com /  HQ: Fort Worth, TX

773 Interviews in Dallas (of 1,975)

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Southwest Airlines Interviews in Dallas

www.southwest.com /  HQ: Dallas, TX

417 Interviews in Dallas (of 1,115)

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Capital One Interviews in Dallas

www.capitalonecareers.com /  HQ: Mc Lean, VA

356 Interviews in Dallas (of 3,969)

3.2 Average

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What is your general attitude toward disciplining children?

3 Answers

I said that kids need structure, but it's important to be flexible and patient and always to remember what it was like to be a kid.

Nice, Hard Spanking, WITH THE BELT! and if they continue, pepper spray on the genitals.

Where I work we just tell them. There are consequences for actions. If you make a bad choice, you may lose 5 minutes of something for example, if you make good choices, sometimes you get rewarded, but we always praise good choices.

What do you think about firing a great manager, just because they do not agree with corporate management.

4 Answers

What will I add to improve the work culture and improve the productivity of the facility.

1 Answer

How do you manage project timelines with change requests?

1 Answer

The typical "difficult" question that comes up in Business Intelligence is (and I'm paraphrasing), "What's the best data warehouse solution?".

1 Answer

How are you going to make this Company better and more profitable.

2 Answers

Q2: A pnp transistor with its base connected to a voltage source, the V source is connected to a +10V source. The emitter of the transistor is connected to a resistance, and then to the same +10V source. The collector side is connected to a capacitor, which is not charged at t=0-. Given the graph of Vsource = 10 V stepping up at t = 0 to further, draw the graph of Vout. Vout is between the point of collector and capacitor.

3 Answers

How are you with high volume and a stressful environment?

1 Answer

How much experience do you have?

1 Answer

Name three things a tourist can do in this city.

1 Answer
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