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Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions in Dallas, TX

"Senior software engineers are the most experienced member of a software team and usually carry the most responsibility and authority of that team. Because of this, interviews will be designed to find candidates who have expert knowledge of the field and years of experience as a software engineer. Expect to be asked tough technical questions and to give examples of previous projects that you have worked on."

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Design a method of determining whether or not a linked list contains a cycle.

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Read up on Floyd's Cycle-Finding Algorithm (The Tortoise and the Hare Algorithm). You use two pointers to traverse the list at different rates and if they become equal at some point without reaching the end of the list, then there is a cycle.

What can you see urself in future 5 years?

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Q) Write Palindrome Code Q) Fuzz Buzz Logic.

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How would you start debugging a piece of software on the Linux Kernel.

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What is the diamond of death?

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Tell me how your software development process cycle worked at your last job.

It is a position of senior software engineer. They asked me a lot about the algorithms. One of them is binary search. The other more literature one is the difference between heap and stack.

What team lead experience in terms of size / length

Face to face consisted of technical questions, STAR behavioral questions, and agile specific questions.

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Through the magic of the Internet, we've teleported you a brick. What can you do with the brick?