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Technical Architect Interview Questions in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Technical architects are responsible for the high level design of an IT project and directing the implementation of it for clients. Interview questions will focus on technical knowledge and skill as well as your ability to design large and complex systems. Employers want to see creative thinking and lots of previous IT experience.

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Too many to list the questions: Kept asking questions until you get exhausted (Indian Style)

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1) Guy who supposed to interview walks in late. No greetings or hi/hello. Straight to Q&A as he was prepared to get me out of there as soon as possible. 2) Then other interviewer walks in (not on the list of interviewer), asking questions that are not part of the job requirements. Try to make you feel inferior by bragging about his expertise. He takes time away from my next interviewer, who is trying to reach me via Skype and then finally when partner calls on his cell phone, he let me go. 3) Skype interview with Partner in New York. Very formal, ask questions to the point and related to what you applied for. Went very well. 4) While interview going on Indian Manager (this time lady) opens the door without knocking trying to cut interview short, happen twice until Skype ended. By this time, interview supposed to be done, but two of them takes me hall way as room was reserved for next meeting. Another 45 minutes of unrelated questioning that has mostly nothing to with requirements. Then I figured that the decision was already made, it's just waste of time. They were just staging this interview to try and cover their rears, so they could hire their fellow Indians. I have seen this game at many companies in over decade of IT professional career and Deloitte is no exception.

Implement example of ecommerce application based on some predefined rules.

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Interview questions were around practical situations that occur while performing the job at hand. A scenario would generally be described to you.

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Software development best practices, Software defined networking, Cloud

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