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(paraphrased) why wouldn't you run your model super high order since it would fit better?

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if you don't know the bias variance trade-off, you shouldn't be applying for this job

When you don't know how to solve a problem, how do you go about finding the solution?

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They actually, with a straight face, asked if I had dealt with a fist fight, either starting one or ending one. Completely an inappropriate and off the wall type of question. The manager of the department never once smiled as he had a frown during the whole interview, not a pleasant person to deal with.

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What are the main keywords for a SQL query and what are the order of operations regarding the WHERE predicate and ORDER BY attributes?

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A variation to the monty hall problem Assumptions to Regression models and prior variations

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What is an offset? (In excel, which he did not specify)

What problems in past projects was I able to overcome? Simply asked me about the projects that I had worked on in the past.

Questions about how do you see yourself as a leader? What would you do if two team members are fighting at work? and then some technical questions like Linux and Unix commands.

Tell me about your past couple of jobs. Where they at big or small companies? Which did you prefer?

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