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"How would you handle completing a joint project by yourself and the other person did not, yet received "praise" for a job well done".

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I should have taken or handled the situation positively. There are umpteen number of reasons why a stakeholder responsible for the task should have done it. Be it to encourage the other stakeholder who has hardly put in any kind of effort OR the stakeholder (manager/person responsible for providing the appreciation) is either biased. I will continue to put in the same level of efforts and see whether I am being recognized when all the stakeholders within the team are working as same as me. If I am still NOT being recognized, I will have a word with the stakeholder responsible to understand whether there is something lacking/whether I am falling back in meeting up with the expectations. If I do not get a right answer for the same, I will consider an alternate opportunity.

"What do you think makes you stand out from another applicant?"

Name a time where you had to deal with a difficult situation and how you dealt with it.

Would I be willing to commit to working 40 hours a week at the stated salary.

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