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What's 5/2 in MySQL ?

4 Answers

2.5 is wrong according to MySpace

may they expect it to be 2.5000 ?

5/2 = 2 it will assume integer division

How do you expand an existing Microsoft infrastructure to support going forward a 20TB+ Data Warehouse.

1 Answer

Why are you looking to make a move?

1 Answer

How do you account for disk failures in ensuring you lose no data from the hadoop cluster. Asked to come up with a hypothetical configuration (2 racks, n number of disks, 1 copy of data on each rack).

1 Answer

Multiple data architecture questions including data model for a retail/order fulfilling system.

1 Answer

How would you build a DW, not knowing what needs to be in it, without User Requirements and Project Plan.

1 Answer

Are you familiar with the Kimball methodology for data warehousing?

1 Answer

what is the template for initial ETL package I would create

1 Answer

Write the sql for finding the two most populous cities per state in the two tables city and state.

1 Answer

partitioning types

1 Answer
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