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What have you been doing since 2018? Looking for a job? (very sarcastic and condescending)

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"I have been a stay at home mom to a child with a disability. I have been unable to work because I did not have reliable child care. My daughter will be starting an after school program for children with disabilities in the fall and I will be able to get back to work after Labor Day." (Not well received at all. I thought if any organization would be understanding of my situation it would be them, but instead they were extremely condescending. Not a good vibe at all and I'm glad I never heard back from them.)

The questions were mainly about my skill capabilities, experience and affirming on my soft skills aspects.

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Are you comfortable working heavily in Excel and other in-house programs?

What is your ability to work in a stressful situation.

What interests you in the position.

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Testing the Excel skills

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