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Gateway Casinos
Table Games Dealer was asked...July 19, 2017

Are you willing to be trained?

5 Answers




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Live! Casino & Hotel

They asked me why I wanted to be a dealer.

4 Answers

It's the same test for all departments? I have an interview for head banker

is taking urine sample

I told them I liked interacting with people at the tables, and that I was responsible for their experience at MD Live!, and that I wanted to make sure they had fun, win or lose. I said that I've been playing table games for almost 20 years at casinos, so I know what is, and is not, expected of me. They then asked me if I was a degenerate gambler. I told them that I just play for fun, at low limit tables only. Less

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Okada Manila

What makes you extraordinary?

3 Answers

Just tell all your positive traits that would fit the position you're applying for. Less

Hello, I'll have my interview on July 25 for Casino Dealer position also. Can you give me a tip please. How long would it take before they will update you regarding the result of the interview if you pass or not? Thanks for the response. Less

I can do every task that will assign to me. And,do it 100% of effort and ideas.

Phillip Securities

market knowledge

3 Answers

May I know how long to get the offer from hr?

within 1-2 weeks


PURE Canadian Gaming

How I handled a tough situation

3 Answers

Took my staff to a quiet spot and talked calmly about what was expected of him

Strong hands

I had a touch right situation

Ford Credit

what are the main factors that come into play for a credit decision

3 Answers

Could mention things like credit score, customer's employment and salary, debt service, payment to income ratio, location, loan to value...However, candidates are not expected to have a thorough knowledge. Less

Previous work experience at Bell Canada in the Collection Dept.

Daytime hours. Am currently looking for employment after retirement.

United Auto Credit Corp

nothing out of the ordinary

2 Answers

Still waiting to hear from HR,Ha,HA,HA..

thought was excellent interview and HR indicated was moving resume to top of the pile and would contact me right after holidays.Have never heard from them. Less

Religare Securities

Which stock would u buy and why

2 Answers

profitable stock


Caesars Entertainment

What does customer service mean to you?

2 Answers

Anticipate customer needs as soon as possible, being polite at all times and smile politely,friendly and courteous. possible Less

The company values customer service and it is the #1 quality it looks for in applicants for all positions. The second quality is teamwork Less

Norwegian Cruise Line

How many years have you been a casino dealer and some very basics questions

2 Answers

5 years.

I have been a casino dealer for over 5 years

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