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Debug Interview Questions

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What is the method, process you use to debug web applications?

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I said I looked in the code, may make a lot of print statements to help figure out what part is problematic, test my solution thoroughly to make sure it works and that it doesn't break the other code. He seemed unsatistified with my answers because he asked at least 3 more times right after I answered each time. Then ended my interview.

You have to attach a web process (asp.exe i think) to the debugger. In visual studio 2005: menu tools, menu attach to process. Then find the web process you want to attach your debugger to.

How do debug a board that doesn't power up

Pretend I'm a student in your programming class. The topic you are lecturing on is debugging. Explain to me what a debugger is, why I should use one and how it works.

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