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Emory Healthcare Interviews in Decatur /  HQ: Atlanta, GA

11 Interviews in Decatur (of 113)

2.8 Average

DeKalb Medical Interviews in Decatur /  HQ: Decatur, GA

10 Interviews in Decatur (of 17)

2.3 Easy

Kroger Interviews in Decatur /  HQ: Cincinnati, OH

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1.5 Very Easy

Interview Questions in Decatur

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He questioned my transportation and background.

1 Answer

I have an array of experience in sales and anyone who lives in Atlanta knows Marta will take you anywhere.

If someone had not done their work on a rental, and the move in showed up and nothing was prepared. Would you try to get the commission?

1 Answer

Give an example of a time you were faced with a difficult customer or family member and how you handled it

1 Answer

An example of something they asked on the quiz was: "What CTA would you put on a social media campaign to get someone to sign up for an event? "

1 Answer

What will I bring to the job.

1 Answer

why would I want to work in this job

1 Answer

How to handle a classroom.

1 Answer

"You are another one of those young white males?" the Human Resource Director asked.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for Emory? Name a time when... Mostly behavior questions.

1 Answer
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