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Do you plan on staying with us and moving up into management? or do you have other future plans in mind? Meaning, current management has an opening and think you'd be a good fit. Only you know you've been faking smiling for them for the past year and are sick of it. What to do? ......Raise or Quit?

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That is a very stupid question to ask.

My answer will depend on the situation I am in. Currently, I am in a good postion with Allied Barton Security. If I was working with/at Safeway as a second job and they offered me a management position; I would decline, but continue working as a clerk. If Safeway was my only job, I would take it. More money will always help, and if the position truely makes you unhappy, than you can quite later. Remember, you can turn any job into a Career. But a Job will never be what you love.

There really wasn't any question that was unexpected or difficult to answer. The most difficult part, for me was the low rate of pay. The Interviewer did ask a lot of questions regarding my extensive experience and wanted to know why I wanted to work at this location.

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If I had customer service experience.

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Do you need benefits?

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Do you have reliable transportation?

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How flexible are you?

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How do you deal with cold? Freezer was minus 40 degrees.

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Why do you want to work for Publix?

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DId I forsee any reason as to why they shouldn't hire me?

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What is your favorite food and why is it?

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