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HR will be asking for salary requirements before you get to meet with the hiring manager.

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Why am I applying for the job?

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What do you expect to be doing in 5 years? (Such a dumb question. Without working for that company, how does anyone know?)

Fit and behavioral questions revolved around prior experience, client management, team management, planning, etc. Business cases was a profitability case about a server company. There were business situation mini cases in three interviews which focused on client expectation management and team work. These get really intense so preparation definitely would help.

Basic networking questions for the technical part and handling difficult customer for the managerial part.

Question: Tell me about your experience related to change in scope - - - directed by the client. How did you handle the change?

Tell me about any goals you have and what you have done to achieve them.

How comfortable are you with change?

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Why was I interested in Cloudera?

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