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Deloitte Interview Questions

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A company has acquired many other companies resulting in multiple transaction and report generating systems and technologies within the main company resulting in a $10 million maintenance bill. As a consultant how would you integrate all the technologies and reduce the maintenance costs.

5 Answers

Feel free to ask the interviewer clarifying questions. Stick to the frameworks provided in the website and DO NOT GET NERVOUS!

What framework did you use in this case? I'm pretty new to case interview, and feel the frameworks are mostly about profit or market. How to use them in tech case interview? Thank you!!

Tech interview frameworks are pretty simple as they are few in number. For this question I applied the implementation strategy framework which turned out to be right. But please do not jump to a conclusion right away. I had to ask many questions and I eventually managed to whittle down the problem to that of an effective and common data management solution where the interviewer offered me multiple choices and I decided to go with the ERP system. And then she asked me how I would go about installing it in multiple offices across the world and in a given time frame etc....It was pretty straightforward from that. The important takeaway is frameworks are important but do not be bound by them. And they do not look for a right or wrong answer from you, but instead study your thought process and your approach to problems you have no idea about...Hope this helped. Best of luck!!

If you get a 20% raise after your first year and now make $80K, how much did you make your first year?

6 Answers

Behavioral: what is the similarity between a milk carton and a plane seat

10 Answers

How many ridges are on the outside of a quarter?

3 Answers

Technical interview was completely based on knowledge of excel!

2 Answers

why deloitte

2 Answers

What are the different ways to value a business?

2 Answers

There was a team related exercise

1 Answer

What is your # 1 strength? weakness?

1 Answer

Do you have experience working in Excel? In what capacity?

1 Answer
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