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Dental Hygienist was asked...September 3, 2015

Are you a team player

1 Answers

Yes , I am thats how to make dental office work effectively.


Why did you decide to transition from dental assisting to dental hygiene?

1 Answers

I like being in the dental field, but wanted to do something more independently. This way I can directly provide help to someone with not only their oral health, but also their confidence. Less

How did I feel about educating patients about home care.

1 Answers

I explained that proper education is where change begins in oral health. I am able to tactfully educate patients on how to properly maintain their teeth. Less

Greenberg Dental and Orthodontics

Are you able to travel?

4 Answers

Yes I am .



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Live Oak Family Dentistry

My experience

3 Answers

Explained my work experience in my field

5 year

Scaling polishing root planing curettage

Howard Brown

I showed up for the interview and everyone was clueless

3 Answers

The Chief Medical Officer alleged that the interview was not scheduled on her books; even though I received a confirmation email regarding the interview Less

Easy mistake? What a joke...I have the emails and recorded voicemails to prove it; I can post the emails from Howard Brown's Human Resources clerk to prove it if you'd like.... Less

It seems like an easy mistake.

Princess Dental Staffing

Why did you leave your last office?

3 Answers

Drama amongst the girls got too deep.

We are compulsory retired at rhe age of 56

But still practicing my profession up to the present

Do you have Endodontic assisting experience?

2 Answers

I reviewed the various job duties of my last position in an Endodontic office.


Glidewell Dental

Do you know that your former college course has nothing to do with this job? Why don't you just apply for the major you took in college?

2 Answers

Of course I know. The interviewer wasn't professional as she did all these questions standing up at the counter. Less

I applied Oct-2019 . The first HR call ask something . The second time, you will be taken to the work area for an interview. When you meet you will meet the male manager and the female leader. They will ask a few questions and then ask who introduced you. Then they called out to watch the staff do it but they did not allow themselves to do anything then led out and good luck. I think it's not their friends or acquaintances, so they don't let me do anything. There may be negativity and no fairness in this company. Gift or flattery, they are interested. Don't apply and work here . Less


willing to work a lot of hours? get along with a diverse group, willing to travel?

2 Answers



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